Photography Insurance

We here at Photography Tours Indonesia understand the worries when it comes to travelling with photography gear. Our general insurance in each package is included but doesn’t cover for your photography gear so here are some options for you to explore for insuring your photography gear.

1. World Nomads (
World Nomads provides two kinds of “Plans” with different benefits, limits and sub-limits. (Standard Plan and Explorer Plan) There is a table of comparison which you can view at this link:
As far as gear equipment insurance is concerned, it provides insurance for theft or accidental damage and theft, loss or accidental damage by a common carrier which is a total of $2,000 for Single Standard Plan and $10,000 for Single Explorer Plan. Portable Electronic Devices is covered with $500/item for Standard and $2,000/item for Explorer. Although I read in a certain forum in the internet that they will only cover them if you can produce proof of purchase. So you have to keep receipts or have copies of them.

2. Travel Insurance Direct (
Travel Isurance Direct provides $12,000 total insurance for Luggage and Personal Effects. It cover for theft, accidental loss and damage to your luggage and personal effects up to $700 per item or up to $4000 per item for a laptop, camera, video camera or tablet. Also includes cover for luggage and personal effects permanently lost by a carrier.

3. Professional Photographers of America/PPA (
This company provides photographers’ insurance for the following: $15,000 of coverage paid for by PPA, loss due to fire, theft or equipment breakage
worldwide, off-premises or “on location” coverage. U.S. and Puerto Rico-based Professional Active or Life members are eligible. You can also extend your coverage with Photo Care Plus wherein you can increase the $15,000 coverage.

4. AIS Insurace Brokers (
This company provides photography insurance for: (1) Loss of or damage to your Equipment and (2) Public Liability. Significant benefits and features covers: (1) Fire & Perils Cover anywhere in Australia or New Zealand (2) Theft (following forcible or violent entry), Accidental Loss or Damage and Transit cover for equipment specified anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. You can also apply for an extension (for an additional premium) for cover outside Australia and New Zealand. They also provide the following additional benefits: (1) Emergency Hire Costs (limited to 30% of the sum insured) (2) Automatic Additions (limited to 10% of the sum insured) (3) Hired / Loaned Equipment (limited to $2,000)

5. TCP Insurance (
This company has insurance which includes:
(1) Camera Equipment Insurance – Protected Worldwide (Theft included)
(2) Rental Camera Equipment Insurance
(3) $2,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Coverage
(4) Portfolio Coverage ($5,000 included)
(5) Computer Equipment Coverage ($25,000 included on premises)
(6) Traveling Computer Equipment Coverage ($10,000 included)
(7) Office Furniture and Equipment (Theft Included)
(8) Property of Others on and off premises ($10,000 at your business location – $10,000 off premises)
(9) Business Income Protection
There are also some optional benefits which you can add.