Pacu Jawi 2016 Photography Workshop

Pacu Jawi
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3 days in August 2016, dates yet to be confirmed

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Pacu Jawi August 2016

The 3 day Pacu Jawi workshop will be held in the month of August, 2016. The exact date is yet to be confirmed as the races usually happen at the end of the harvesting of the rice fields on a saturday and these times are never set in stone.

So keep an eye out for the exact dates.

Pacu Jawi (cow races) are a long time tradition of West Sumatra districts to entertain and enjoy the end of the harvest season with friends and family before new planting begins.

Traditionally a rider rides behind two cows tied together through the muddy paddy fields and sometimes up to speeds of 30km per hour. This makes for a spectacular sight and a great potential for photography.

What's Included?

What's not Included?


Transportation to and from Padang via Van to the Tanah Datar Region.


Flights to Padang  are not included.


Two nights hotel accommodation in the Tanah Datar region.

Meals and Snacks

Meals and snacks will not be covered by the workshop fee.

Workshop Fees

All photo instruction including editing.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not covered under the workshop costs.

Pacu Jawi Workshop